House at 9 Howick

About House@9

The House@9 is your space.

As you enter the gates, the busy town disappears behind you, and you step into a world where time slows down, and your healing journey to inner peace begins.

About House at 9 Howick

Why this House?

The House@9 is situated in the quiet suburb of Howick North. The original farmhouse dates back to the early 1900s.

The age and stateliness of the house fascinates and entices you to come inside and have a look. It’s like it has been waiting all these years for its reason for being to be recognized.

House@9 holds the space for your healing journey, and its energetic presence calls you when you are ready.

Journey of The House @9

An idea...

The journey to create a haven for the human spirit began in January 2020, the year the world changed forever. I had a moment of absolute knowing, the house was calling, and I went to visit to see what this idea was all about.

As I entered the gate, it felt like a miracle to see the house in all its grandeur. How was it never cut up into tiny blocks with developers’ “plans of progress”? The tall trees reached up to the sky as only wise old trees do, and the grounds spoke of abundance with their offerings of pecan nuts, avos and other fruits.

studio House at 9 Howick

Becomes reality…

SOLD! We gutted the old garage and turned it into the studio. The house itself required little change, other than moving the kitchen to the scullery. The old coal stove is testimony to what was once there.

Now, we welcome you to join us!

In February 2021, House@9 came into existence. As more incredible therapists, teachers and friends have bought into my vision, the house seems to love its role holding the space for us. We have formed friendships between us and a network of practitioners outside of the house itself, all here to guide you on your healing journey.

workshops House at 9 Howick
House at 9 Howick

Jen’s story

I was lucky enough to grow up on our beautiful farm close to the little-known village of Creighton. But peace doesn’t always exist in a peaceful valley. I witnessed the turmoil of the end of Apartheid, my own broken family and my Mum’s journey of dis-ease. As a young adult, I went through my own struggles of sickness and sadness. But, deep inside, I felt my potential. I felt infinite power residing within despite the bewildering confusion and dismay of this human journey.

Jen Theron House at 9 Howick

Chasing crazy Olympic dreams

After studying Botany and Zoology and achieving my Honours degree, I embarked on a stubborn journey to compete at the Olympics as a sprint canoeist. My biggest competitor driving me on to this relentless goal was always myself. I was determined to prove to myself that, despite the lack of acknowledgement and turmoil of youth, I could do anything I set my heart and mind on. Making two finals at the Beijing 2008 Olympics showed me that actually I really could.

Learning that we are so much more than what our physical senses can measure

And then I lost my beautiful, strong graceful mother. After a 13 year struggle against cancer she taught me of the infinity of our journey. She shares with me, through the wonders of nature, proof that I’m truly never alone. A white rainbow at my sisters wedding, a special plant we loved popping up as confirmation of ideas. Yes we are so much more than what our physical senses can measure.

Motherhood and its challenges

And so on to motherhood of two magnificent souls, my daughter and son. Children of the Rainbow era, teaching me treasure troves of lessons daily. I am indebted to them for sharing this time with me.

Yet dis-ease shadowed me through life, as it does when one is not too sure of the path ahead. Postnatal depression left me shattered and beyond exhausted. But my journey was irrevocably transformed on meeting Kinesiologist Debbie Raw...

This is where the magic begins

Vibrational medicine and energy healing changed everything for me. It linked the power I have inside to interpret the discomfort and enable me to recreate myself. And as I begin to understand my reason for being, I find a new commonality in the people I meet. It is my goal to a create a place where healing is not solely in the hands of medical doctors.

Jen Theron House at 9 Howick

To Mum the warrior:

You are my absolute inspiration and my reason behind the house’s existence.

You’re welcome here

If what you have read has inspired you to come and experience The House@9 for yourself, then please visit our Therapist/ Practitioners page or Studio page to see what we have to offer. Alternatively, feel free to contact me for more information.

Yours in health, abundance and joy,

House at 9 Howick