Keri Strachen

My passion has always been working with sports nutrition, athletes of all ages, abilities and disciplines, journeying with clients to achieve ideal body composition, and optimal fueling both for training schedules, and race day.  I also work with various health conditions where diet can have a transforming impact, such as IBS, PCOS, diabetes, heart disease, overweight, cancer, and mental health.

My approach is FOOD FIRST and REAL FOOD (I love good food!), I like to motivate clients to never compromise on delicious meals, but create a simple framework to work off to keep things more interesting. I do not believe in diets, they don’t work, but rather I work closely with my clients to create a sustainable lifestyle that will also achieve the goals that they are after. There is no excuse, if you do not make time for your health and wellbeing, you will be forced to make time for your illness.


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