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Each client is looked at as an individual and their treatment is adjusted accordingly. I use techniques from sports massage, stress relief, Swedish, deep tissue and aromatherapy massage all intuitively interwoven with a holistic approach to help restore balance in the mind and body. Therapeutic massage aims at assisting the physical body to release stress, decrease pain, improve mobility and improve overall health.

Our bodies store muscle memory of physical and emotional stresses and traumas so by releasing this through massaging the muscles we bring about healing. My aim is to create a safe space where you can relax and explore / unlock your ability to improve your physical and mental wellness. With our busy lifestyles and increase in stress levels, therapeutic massage can form part of your holistic health so to keep you feeling physically fit, emotionally supported and mentally well.


1 Reviews on “Leanne”

1 reviews
  • Kim

    Leanne this is a very small block to express how powerful your therapy is. Suffice to say, your heart & soul flow through your fingers to repair and heal with such grace, strength and humility. Thank you very much!

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