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Lee Flint

Kinesiology is an alternative therapy that uses muscle monitoring, also known as biofeedback, to locate the sources of stress within a person’s nervous system that are causing pain, illness or distress, and to relieve these imbalances in order to reestablish equilibrium.

Each of us has every thing that we need within ourselves to heal and balance, and to thrive. The power of kinesiology lies in its capacity to access the information and the means to realign and recalibrate all the different parts of each individual, enabling healing to happen. My role as a facilitator is simply to help you unlock what you need, in a way that makes sense to you as an individual – given adequate support, the real work of healing is done by each person in their own time, and according to the perfect rhythm of their own innate intelligence and awareness.

Having spent many years as a facilitator in the arts, an understanding of how creative processes unlock different ways of processing our thoughts, emotions and experiences also forms part of my practice. Through offerings that focus on the “spirit” of different mediums, engaging in the process without worrying about the end result, different perspectives begin to emerge for each individual in their own ways.


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