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Lizzy Vorsters

Haptotherapy |Systemic Bodywork & Illness Constellation | Access Bars | Holistic Rhythmic Massage

After years of private practice in my home country of The Netherlands, I recently moved to South Africa with my family. I’m looking forward to introduce the Dutch-found Haptotherapy.

Haptotherapy is a person-oriented therapy, which can help clients deal with or overcome different types of challenges.

Haptotherapy helps you to listen to the wisdom of your own body ”

Haptotherpy works particularly with our natural capacity to feel. In Haptotherapy we look for the balance between body, mind and feelings by using a combination of  body awareness exercises, affective touch and talking.

My goal when working with someone is to explore together, what their body is trying to tell them, to teach them to stay loyal to their feelings and to listen to the signals that their body is giving.

So if you are feeling stuck emotionally, stressed, uncomfortable with your body or life, not able to set boundaries, or suffering from long-term physical / mental overload (burnout),and you are ready to look at it,  feel free to give me a call.


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