Lynne Boyes

My own healing journey from major body trauma and illness opened the search for alternative healing methods to regain my health. Ozone Therapy and Thermography, became my allies in this quest for health and vitality. Through these transformative practices, I discovered a path to healing that resonated with my body in a way that conventional treatments never had.

Thermography plays a crucial role in early disease recognition by spotlighting abnormal inflammation, a precursor to many diseases. It unveils physiological shifts within the body, often preceding changes in anatomy. Its non-contact, non-invasive, and non-radioactive nature makes it a powerful tool.

As a dedicated Certified Clinical Thermographer and Ozone Practitioner, my mission is clear: to arm women with vital Information, to inspire them to embrace healthier lifestyles, and to stand vigilant against early signs of disease.

I firmly believe that prevention holds greater value than cure. More and more women are incorporating thermograms into their annual check-ups, recognizing that an ounce of prevention is indeed worth a pound of cure.



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