My passion in Physical health and wellness is Spinal Health. This was inspired by the fact that I suffered from back pain from a young age, while I was still in Highschool playing rugby.

This exposed me to physical therapy for the first time, such as cranio sacral therapy, massage and Chiropractic care. During my enrollment in the Masters Program in Chiropractic I was also able to see the benefits first hand of having a healthy spine and also the negative effects of back pain on one’s quality of life.

Due to the fact that I was not able to complete my masters degree, I took the decision to enroll with Healing Hands Institute in order to be able to go into private practice, this has allowed me to still be able to treat using manual therapy, and to use my knowledge from Chiropractic in how I approach treatment for my clients. Mainly being able to identify the cause of pain using physical examination and taking a thorough case History.

A typical consult consists of a case history, a brief physical evaluation in the form of motion palpation, soft tissue palpation to identify myofascial trigger points, and one or two orthopedic tests. This allows me to use acupressure, massage, heat and cold therapy, gentle joint mobilization and ischaemic compression to focus the treatment on the specific problem areas.

After treatment, depending on the condition, patients are advised on corrective actions. Where we focus on things like posture, activities of daily living, and a demonstration of stretches and exercises that the patient can do from home in order to enhance the effects of the treatment.

I believe that the therapist is a helper, and a treatment is 20% of the work(stimulating the body to begin the healing process). 80 percent of the work is what the patient does at home and the corrective actions they apply in their activities of daily living to avoid further injury.

Whilst my special emphasis is treating back pain, treatment focuses on the whole body, whether patients are suffering from persistent acute, subacute or chronic lower back pain, neck pain, tension headaches, shoulder elbow and wrist pain, and hip, knee, ankle and or leg pain and injury.


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