Yolande Louw-du Toit

Through the process of healing my own life, I have been blessed by getting to know many amazing people and discover many modalities that were meaningful to me at the time. Ultimately I’ve come to understand that, what we need most at any given time, is already within us. At times we just need someone to support us, in love, in order for us to heal our traumas and rediscover our own Self.

My sessions are not about what I know, or what techniques I have studied – it’s about my clients and finding unique ways to support them on their individual paths to perfect health & fulfilment. I am always humbled to bear witness to the miraculous ability of the human spirit to rise above challenges and find harmony and joy within its own self and in all life.

Nature and the many beings that inhabit our planet inspire me and therefore I also find great pleasure in participating in inter-species communication and energy healing for our furry family members and all forms of life on Earth.

In gratitude always,


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